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How To Assure That Your Employees Perform And Make Your Business Money

Ok, you’ve defined your or your business singular promise (a.k.a. UBA) and identified the team to deliver that promise. This article shows you how to take that team you identified and ensure that your singular promise is achieved through a step-by-step process of systemisation. In short, this article teaches you the nuts and bolts to getting the most out of your people through the creation of a …

‘Performance Benchmarking System’

You need to understand that you can’t really manage people. Rather, you need to measure their performance and make them accountable against systems or duties.

Your employees or contractors are your most valuable resource. You have invested a lot in their recruitment and training, so getting the most out of them should be a priority for you as a business owner.

Investing your time and effort into creating these Performance Benchmarking Systems will take the guesswork out of your businesses future. Your people are made accountable to a system or road map to success that WILL deliver your singular promise.

How do you do this?

You create an eight step Performance Benchmarking System.

To start, you work backwards from the desired end result!

    You have your singular promise and the people you will need to achieve this. Next, you should itemise what each of these people need to do for the singular promise to be achieved. Everyone in your identified team needs to complete certain activities or duties. List these duties in a duty list.
    Next, determine benchmarks that your people need to perform to. These can be determined in-house, or you can research other businesses in your and other industries and apply appropriate benchmarks.

Benchmarks need to be determined for every duty performed by your people. Some may be qualitative, and others quantitative. Remember, you want a road map for your people to follow, so time spent here is well invested.

    These benchmarks are then used to create key performance indicators (KPIs) for every duty per person on your identified team.

The secret to success is to make your people accountable to these KPI’s!!!

    You will review their performance at regular intervals to ensure that they are performing to the expected level and successes should be rewarded.

This takes out all of the guesswork for your businesses future. If all of your people meet and/or exceed their key performance indicators, then YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR SINGULAR PROMISE!!?!!

The process is that simple!

Should you feel that you need help in implementation of ‘Performance Benchmarking System’ – please contact our office and we will put you in touch with an expert in your industry and area.


Gift Vouchers For Special Customers

For Added Value to Win Your Existing Customers Over, Give Your Customers Vouchers to Enjoy at Other Places

Gift Vouchers don’t have to be from your own business, visit other businesses in your area  and make arrangements for your customers to receive special offers from them.

Make sure that you …

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Charge Your Customers More, Not Less

Now Your Can Put your Prices Up!


If you have Caring For Your Customer, Showering them with Gift Vouchers and Pampering them, Going the ‘Extra Mile’ with your Charm and Service, your customers will truly be in love with you. They will be telling all their friends and will be with you for a long time.

So now that you have a good relationships with your customers…

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Keep In Contact With Your Past Customers

Make your Customers Feel Special -Thank Them

 Sending” thank you” notes and cards is a wonderful idea and much appreciated by anyone who receives something in the mail with delightful words, but a personal phone call from time to time is always a big pleaser. You could impress your customers, simply by a call just to thank them for paying their account on time or for making a large order or just because you want to thank them for being such a lovely customer.

“Hi Sue, is John from (your work), its been a while since I spoke to you last, but I just wanted to let you know that its always a pleasure doing business with you. It certainly makes our day when we deal with people like you and we really appreciate the large order you put through last Monday.”

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Educate Your Customers And They Will Come Back More Often

Become A Knowledge Bank

 Build a library of information

Have readily available to your customers, books, brochures and videos with all the latest information on your products and services, techniques, possible applications and designs.Technical or motivational information that you can loan out to your clients for their benefit.

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Creating A Unique Experience

Customer Service Doesn’t Stop At Coffee and Tea

 When your customer arrives in the waiting room, make the experience special.

Tastes: Offer your special clients a Complimentary glass of Champagne or Hand-Made Chocolates. Make their choice of drinks more varied and have an array of herbal teas and coffees available for them with a biscotti or sweet treats to nibble on.

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Tap Into Your Employee’s Knoweldge Of Your Customers


It’s A Team Effort!

Many heads think better than one.

 Ask your team members what ideas they can think of to impress your customers or how to serve them better.  People think from different spaces and often have ideas inside them waiting to come to fruition when asked.  It’s more often than not, the other team members who deal with the customers at the ‘coal face’, so they know the best ways to make your customers happy and rewarded.

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Award And Reward Your Customer

How To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Customers By Awarding and Recognising Them – While Collecting Testimonials, Asking For Referrals And Selling More Of Your Product Or Services.

Everyone loves praise and told how well they are doing!  Why not send you Top Customers, your “A Customers” a Certificate for being the Top Customer.  Whether its the Top 10 or the Top 40, write up a Certificate for all your Top Customers and get them to come in for an Award Ceremony.  Roll out the Red Carpet, give them a glass of bubbles, Read More Here…


Impress Your Customer

Impress Your Customer

By sending Thank You Letters or Simple Follow Up Notes.

 It doesn’t really matter how or why you communicate to your customer, if you want to keep an existing customer or Impress a new customer or make your existing customer step up and become an “A” Customer you need to let them know that you want them.  Every one wants to be needed and appreciated yet hardly any business adds the personal touch. Don’t wait for Christmas to thank them, do it all year.

There are many reasons to keep in touch with your customer and these are just a few:

  • Birthday cards or notes: usually get this date off their account application forms etc, but it always nice to receive a surprise birthday card.
  • Aniversary note: Just gives a gentle reminder thats its been a year since they had their last massage or 2 years since they bought their car from you and perhaps they may wish to trade it in Read More Here…


Educational Marketing

Become a Teacher!

 One way of nurturing your clients is to teach them something.

We all love to learn something new and just because you know what you know, it doesn’t mean that your client does.  With the way technology is progressing, it is becoming easier and easier to educate your clients. There are Newsletters, Viral Marketing, Advertorials, Article Marketing, Videos, Seminars, Webinars, Free Reports that bombard us with new and exciting knowledge every day.

Share the love and send some of the interesting news to your Customers so they can be as wise as you are! Your clients will respect you more and see you as more knowledgeable and professional. Referring others can also be beneficial to you if you do a Joint Venture.

Another simple way to educate is to explain their account in detail to them, let them know what you have done and how you did it, show them around your office and introduce them to the team and what part they play in serving the customer. It will make them feel important and they will begin to feel like part of your company/family.