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Always Test The 3 Most Important Elements

Always Test The
3 Most Important Elements Of Any
Marketing Campaign

a) The list (or who you target).
b) The headline of an ad, the opening statement of your letter, or the first
thing you say person-to-person over the phone.
c) The offer (or how you package what you are selling).

Recently I developed a new product promotion and tested 3 headlines. The
best one got 12 times as many orders as the worst one. I’ve listed them below.
See if you can pick the winner. The answer is at the end.

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Random Gifts of Education

Random Gifts of Education(Kindness)

If you find something interesting, chances are your Customers will too!

When you come across some interesting reports or marketing material, send a copy to your existing Customers with a note saying

“I have just come across this interesting article and thought you might find it of interest to”.

 Keep educating your clients and they will keep coming back for more… Plus they will think you more knowledgeable than themselves and will value you more.