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How To Get $15,000 Worth Of FREE Advertising For Your Business Each Year

How To Get $15,000
Worth Of FREE
Advertising For Your
Business Each Year


How You Might Ask?  “Press Releases”

If you’ve never heard about the power of an effective press release, allow me to share a few stories with you …

The first one comes from Patrick McAllister’s newsletter.

You may be aware of a product we’ve been selling called “How To Earn $30,000 A Month With Low Budget direct mail Projects”. We’ve also sold licences to other people to duplicate and sell the three videos, IBM disk and workbook.

Well, one of the people who bought a licence is Mr Chan, who lives in England. Mr Chan was contacted by the editor of a magazine called ‘New Entrepreneur Magazine’. This magazine is similar to ‘Australian Dynamic Small Business’ or ‘Money Making Opportunities’. The editor called Mr Chan and said he was interested in writing an editorial story about Mr Chan’s unique products and promoting them to their readers. Not just an ordinary article or a review, but a full feature cover story! Now that’s over two full pages including photos …

Absolutely FREE

Mr Chan didn’t have to pay a cent. Zippo. Nothing. Now you may ask …why would a magazine, newspaper or any other publication want to publish press releases and do stories about your products?

Actually, it’s quite simple

# 1    Every issue of every magazine and newspaper starts off with blank pages.  They have to fill them with something. If your article is interesting, they’ll want to publish it.

# 2    Most editors and journalists are basically lazy. I mean, if you can supply them with an interesting article or a press release they can publish and fill up those blank pages – they will use it. Especially if it’s already written for them.

Anyway, let’s get back to Mr Chan. As soon as the article about the direct mail package was published, it was a huge hit with the readers. So much so that Mr Chan sold over 40 copies of the “How To Earn $30,000” package. Not only that, he sold them for £238 each.  That’s two hundred and thirty eight POUNDS each. Or over $460 Australian dollars per package. Now according to my math, this means …

That one piece of FREE advertising
made him over $18,400 in sales.

If you consider his costs to duplicate 40 copies of the package are around $2,400 in our currency, his bottom line was …

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