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I Have Bought a Gold Mine

“I Had an Explosion in My Head Yesterday of What I Actually Bought”

James is grateful for the opportunity to attend the training.

“I hope to Top Fifty Grand in the Next 3 Months”

James Taraeka, Truck driver from Colyton, NSW, Australia.



One Advert made $26,000 in 4 days

“All the building work had dried up on the Coast”

He put one advert in the paper that cost $360


Eddie got 7 jobs from one advert created the BBI way!

Eddie – Painting Contractor on Gold Coast



Crazy Sounding Offers Can Make You Rich

Add Value To
Your Product — Crazy Sounding
Offers Can Make You Rich

There is a car dealer in Texas who runs ads with the headline …

2 Cars for the Price of 1!

He then tells how he can’t give you 2 new cars for the price of one. However,
he will give you a roadworthy used car if you buy a new car from him. Hundreds of
people did just that.

Lester Nathan a management consultant who’s helping me in my business,
created an ad offering the added value of a ‘loaner’ car for a smash repair company.

Of course the cost of these add-ons is covered in the price, however the perceived
value (in the customer’s eyes) of the add-on is far greater than the cost.

This ad doubled the sales of this smash repair shop within 3 months!