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Impress Your Customer

Impress Your Customer

By sending Thank You Letters or Simple Follow Up Notes.

 It doesn’t really matter how or why you communicate to your customer, if you want to keep an existing customer or Impress a new customer or make your existing customer step up and become an “A” Customer you need to let them know that you want them.  Every one wants to be needed and appreciated yet hardly any business adds the personal touch. Don’t wait for Christmas to thank them, do it all year.

There are many reasons to keep in touch with your customer and these are just a few:

  • Birthday cards or notes: usually get this date off their account application forms etc, but it always nice to receive a surprise birthday card.
  • Aniversary note: Just gives a gentle reminder thats its been a year since they had their last massage or 2 years since they bought their car from you and perhaps they may wish to trade it in Read More Here…


If You Need To Get New Customers, Offer A FREE Sample

If You Need To
Get New Customers, The Best (And
Cheapest) Way Is Offer A FREE

FREE is a magic word! What I am saying is, take the money you would have
spent on fancy advertising and give it to your best prospective customers (the
players) in the form of a sample or trial of your product or service.

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The More Information You Give, The More You Will Sell

The More
Information You Give, The More
You Will Sell

As a general rule, 2 minute TV commercials will out-sell a 30 second commercial and a 30 minute ‘infomercial’ out-sells both again. Remember your ads are targeted at the ‘players’ – the people who want what you are selling and have the money to pay for it. They will read your ads (or watch them) if what you say is interesting and relevant to them. Some of the most famous ‘long copy’ ads include:

  • ” 6,450 words for Merril Lynch Stockbrokers—1 insertion brought 10,000 responses from interested investors.
  • ” 5 pages of text for selling Schlitz beer—within a few months Schlitz went from fifth in sales to first.
  • ” 600 word ad for Puerto Rico by David Ogilvy got 14,000 readers to send in a coupon.
  • ” 800 word ad for Mercedes Benz headlined “You give up things when you buy the Mercedes Benz 230S—Things like rattles, rust and shabby workmanship” increased sales from 10,000 cars a year to 40,000 a year in the USA.
  • ” A copy-rich Yellow Pages ad got a $40,000 increase for the owner of a video repair shop the month Yellow Pages came out.
  • ” Demtel built a $50 million dollar a year business virtually overnight with their 2 minute ads.

I could give you dozens of examples, but test it out for yourself.


Use ‘Advertorials’ To Increase Response By Up To 500%

Use ‘Advertorials’ To Increase

Response By Up To 500%

Research clearly shows that ads that look like editorial articles get 500%
more readership than ads that obviously look like ads. People don’t buy magazines or newspapers to read the ads do they? Of course not! You, I and
everybody else, buy the papers, magazines or watch TV for the stories.
By making your ads informative and looking like the stories in the
publication, you’ll get more sales. When writing your ad, pretend you are the
editor of the magazine writing about your company or product.


Don’t Try To Be Creative Or Original

Don’t Try To Be
Creative Or Original 

Pretty ads don’t sell products. The most appealing (to look at) and artistic
ads seldom make people buy the products they are supposed to be selling. The
ads that win awards for the advertising agencies who create them rarely win sales
awards for the clients!
During a survey of ads that won a “Clio” award (the advertising industry’s
highest recognition), it was found that 4 of the award-winning agencies lost their
clients’ business, another client refused to run his ad, and of 80 TV classics
picked by Clio, 36 of the businesses involved had either sacked the agency or had
gone broke. Not a real good record, is it?
As the owner of one of the biggest direct response ad agencies once said to a
client . . . “Do you want creativity and originality? Or do you want to see the
darned sales graph going up? Because you sure as heck ain’t going to get them
I guess the point I am making is don’t be creative for the sake of being
creative. Finding a new twist for a proven sales approach is fine, but only as long
as it works better than the previous one.


Use Irresistible Headlines In All Your Ads And Sales Letters

Use Irresistible
Headlines In All Your Ads And Sales

On average 5 times as many people read the headline as read the rest of the
ad. If a reader’s attention is caught by a headline – they read on. Unless your
headline sells your product or service you’ve wasted 90% of your money. The
best headlines are those that promise the reader a benefit, as in the following:

  • lose weight
  • meet new friends
  • less tooth decay
  • easy to maintain garden
  • make more money
  • get relief from arthritis

                         … and so on.


Recall –vs- Actual Sales

Recall – vs – Actual Sales

The standard form of measuring the effectiveness of an ad by mainstream
advertising agencies and media reps is by recall, or how many people actually
remember the ad after it runs for a set period. This is really stupid.

What counts, from your point of view, is not how many people remember
your ads – but how many actually went and bought your product. If all you want
is recall, just run ads featuring chimpanzees dressed in swimming costumes!



Test Every Ad Before Betting Your Future Business On It

Test Every Ad,
Sales Letter Or Marketing
Campaign Before Betting Your
Business Future On It 

Don’t be seduced by the media reps or the list brokers with promises of
huge readerships and hot buyers lists. Test everything on a small scale before
you commit large amounts of money to it. What the large (and successful)
companies always do is test a campaign in one region first. If it works they
expand it – if not they change it until it does work.
This way even failures can make you rich, because when the 8th test you
run is a winner and you keep on repeating it, this more than makes up for the all
the learning you did during the first 7 that did not work.


Create Your Own ‘Formula’ For Writing Great Copy

Create Your
Own ‘Formula’ For Writing Great

Anyone can learn how to write good ads and sales letters. There was a time
when I didn’t have a clue how to do it. It took me days and weeks to get just a 2
page letter drafted—the sort of letter that now takes me 30 minutes to write and
which sells five times as much. To write great ads and letters takes . . .practice,
practice, practice.

And how do you practice? Just do it, and keep doing it. Like everything you
ever try for the first time, it gets easier as you go along. Remember the first time
you rode a bike, went swimming, talked to your first customer, made the first
sale? I’ll bet you are a good deal better now than you were when you started. All
it took was practice.

But to be really great at something, you have to practice the right way. And
that’s exactly what I am going to teach you here . . .how to write great ads and
letter copy, even if you’ve never written an ad or sales letter in your life!

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Create A ‘Copywriting Power’ Questionnaire

Create A
‘Copywriting Power’


To prepare for this formula, we need to create a “copywriting power’
questionnaire, which is a very powerful document as it will reveal almost
everything you need to know to create hot ads or letters that will sell your
products and services. The questionnaire is a copywriting guideline—a
guideline for getting the best information from your business to be able to:

  1. Get to know your product or service, inside and out.
  2. Get to know what you’ve tried in the past (so you don’t waste your time trying it again).
  3. Get to know your customers as well as you possibly can.
  4. Get to know your target prospects as well as you possibly can.
  5. Define your goals, your business objectives and your dreams.

These five questions are ones you absolutely must ask yourself. Think
carefully about the answers to these questions, because if you plan on writing
your own ads or sales letters to sell your product or service, this questionnaire
will be one of your most valuable tools. I don’t believe it’s a magic pill for
writing hot ads . . . but it is a solid first step in the process of creating great copy.

Here are 15 questions you must answer before you write a word of copy.
Write them out in the spaces provided below:

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