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Thai Restaurant Owner Will Guarantee Your Success

I Got More Customers and Made More Money

 His Turnover went from $4,000 per week to $11,000 by implementing the BBI Strategies


“I guarantee you will do well if you get help from BBI, I did, so you will too”

Nareesh – Owner Thai Restaurant



Test And Monitor all Sales And Marketing Strategies

Test And
Monitor Different Sales And
Marketing Strategies

Unless you monitor the results of your ads, letters, telephone sales and so on,
you’ve got Buckley’s chance of making serious money in your business. You
wouldn’t dream of keeping a salesperson who doesn’t sell or a secretary who
doesn’t know how to type, would you? No, of course you wouldn’t. So why
would you keep doing ads, letters and marketing strategies that don’t work and
waste your money? I’ll tell you why . . . because you probably don’t know that
they don’t work. Why? — because you can’t improve what you don’t measure!

And that’s not real clever, is it? So, here’s what I want you to do. Get
yourself a folder, the one with clear plastic pages in it. Everytime you do any
promotion (ad, letter, coupon, flyer etc), place a copy in this folder. You then
include a ‘promotion analysis sheet’, (which you will have to design with
headings and columns appropriate to each promotion).

Make sure you fill it all in for every promotion, no exceptions. Soon, and to
your absolute amazement, you’ll begin to see huge differences in results from
your different marketing efforts, and eventually you’ll end up with some great ads
that’ll make you money. You simply keep doing those, making them part of your
marketing plan and discarding the ones that don’t work.

It so happens that I have 3 or 4 folders like the one I just spoke about. When
I started to promote my new marketing manual I wrote a one page promotion that
sold like crazy. Over the next 8 months I kept “improving” it until it no longer
worked at all. When I woke up to the fact that all my improvements made it
worse and not better, I went back to my folder and looked at all the results – and
guess what? The very first version of that ad was the best, and it is the one we
still use today.


Customers Like Birthday Cards too!

Customers Have Birthdays too!

Show Your Customer You Care

Everybody loves to get a birthday present or treat so why not impress your Customers.  Send them something simple, a discount voucher to a restaurant or some movie tickets.  Try to get alongside the restaurant and talk to them about a joint venture.  If you are introducing someone to their business, maybe they could give you  “free meal” vouchers to give to your customer.

 Send them a note with the gift, something that says you have remembered their birthday like:

“A little bird told me it’s you birthday. To show you how special we think you are we have enclosed a special gift just for you”


Golden Rule #10


Am I Too Pretty Or Too Clever?

Golden Rule #10

Don’t try to be creative or original. Pretty ads don’t sell products. The most appealing (to look at) and artistic ads seldom make people buy the products they are supposed to be selling. The ads that win awards for the advertising agencies who create them rarely win sales awards for the clients!! During a survey of ads that won a “Clio” award. (The advertising industries highest recognition) it was found that agencies that won 4 of the Clio’s lost the clients business. . . Another client refused to even run his ad … of 80 TV classics picked by Clio, 36 of the business owners involved had either sacked the agency or had gone broke.

    Not a real good record, is it?

    In fact, the owner of one of the biggest direct response advertising agencies once said to a client . . . “Do you want creativity and originality? Or do you want to see the darned sales graph going up?? Because you sure as heck ain’t going to get them both!”

    I guess the point I am making, is don’t be creative for the sake of being creative. Finding a new twist for a proven sales approach is fine, but only as long as it works better than the previous one. Let your sales graph be the judge.


Sweeten Your Customers

Sweeten Your Customers with little packets of Lollies or Jelly Beans

Put a little bag of lollies into the envelope when you next send them something, whether it be their order, or their statement. Hand write a little note on a compliments slip:

“I thought I would sweeten up your day”.

It will impress your customers and they will remember you and refer you to their friends or colleagues and say what a great company you were “ and they always send yummy sweets too”

A word of warning though, if you stop sending lollies, they will ask you where they are, as they won’t forget how lovely it was to receive them and will expect them all the time.