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Restaurant Client’s Profit Is Up By 150%

I Made 15 Calls and Got 3 Clients

“I only work part time while I work on my Engineering Company and Hair Salon”


“One client took on 15 more clients by sending out Birthday and Half Birthday Letters to their database”

Ian Simonsen – BBI Business Consultant



Have Powerful Headlines

Have Powerful Headlines On All Your Ads,

Letters and Promotions

A headline is an ad for your ad. 80% of your promotion’s success or failure lies in what you say in your headline. A good headline can also be used as the opening line for your sales and telephone people.

In order for it to be effective, a headline must promise a benefit (the biggest one you can find about your product). What is the reader going to get if they read further?

All too often people talk about ‘features’ in their sales and marketing efforts. For example, a car advertisement may say”

“Fully adjustable leather seats and welded allow body.

What it should say is:

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I Plan To Be A BBI Success Story

“I Had an Awesome Time and Learnt So Much”

Jenny learnt both self development and Business Marketing at the training.

“I Can’t wait to Go Home and Get Started.”

Jenny Stone, Entrepreneur from Queenstown, NZ