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How to Turn ‘Price Shoppers’ Into Profitable Sales

How to Turn
‘Price Shoppers’ Into Profitable Sales

Even if your prices are higher than your competitors’

Recently I’ve discovered an overlooked area that has even greater potential to rake in the loot. Now, I want you to sharpen up and pay close attention. Did you ever wonder if, maybe, you are overlooking something vitally important in your business? If you are like most people, there is a huge and vitally important area of your business that you probably aren’t exploiting. Of course, what I am talking about, is converting more of the inquiries your business is already getting into profitable sales.

This is such an undeveloped area in most businesses, that if you get it right, it can flip your sales graph right off the page. No kidding. I’ve just got the results from one of my clients who applied two simple methods I taught him, and increased his sales by 1000%. This adds up to $48,000 per week in hard dollar terms.

He used to get one sale from 20 inquiries – and now he gets 10 sales from 20 inquiries.  What’s really interesting, is that he charges 10 to 15% more than any of his competitors.

So how is this possible? The clue to this secret lies in a little known study that shows …

… only 10% to 20% of people will buy on “price” only.
The other 80% to 90 % are looking for value.

In other words, they want the product or service that’ll solve their problems at the best possible price and there is an easy way to turn all the phone and walk in inquiries into profitable sales. The key to getting their business is simple …

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