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How To Assure That Your Employees Perform And Make Your Business Money

Ok, you’ve defined your or your business singular promise (a.k.a. UBA) and identified the team to deliver that promise. This article shows you how to take that team you identified and ensure that your singular promise is achieved through a step-by-step process of systemisation. In short, this article teaches you the nuts and bolts to getting the most out of your people through the creation of a …

‘Performance Benchmarking System’

You need to understand that you can’t really manage people. Rather, you need to measure their performance and make them accountable against systems or duties.

Your employees or contractors are your most valuable resource. You have invested a lot in their recruitment and training, so getting the most out of them should be a priority for you as a business owner.

Investing your time and effort into creating these Performance Benchmarking Systems will take the guesswork out of your businesses future. Your people are made accountable to a system or road map to success that WILL deliver your singular promise.

How do you do this?

You create an eight step Performance Benchmarking System.

To start, you work backwards from the desired end result!

    You have your singular promise and the people you will need to achieve this. Next, you should itemise what each of these people need to do for the singular promise to be achieved. Everyone in your identified team needs to complete certain activities or duties. List these duties in a duty list.
    Next, determine benchmarks that your people need to perform to. These can be determined in-house, or you can research other businesses in your and other industries and apply appropriate benchmarks.

Benchmarks need to be determined for every duty performed by your people. Some may be qualitative, and others quantitative. Remember, you want a road map for your people to follow, so time spent here is well invested.

    These benchmarks are then used to create key performance indicators (KPIs) for every duty per person on your identified team.

The secret to success is to make your people accountable to these KPI’s!!!

    You will review their performance at regular intervals to ensure that they are performing to the expected level and successes should be rewarded.

This takes out all of the guesswork for your businesses future. If all of your people meet and/or exceed their key performance indicators, then YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR SINGULAR PROMISE!!?!!

The process is that simple!

Should you feel that you need help in implementation of ‘Performance Benchmarking System’ – please contact our office and we will put you in touch with an expert in your industry and area.