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Cheapest Way To Attract New Customers Is To Sample

If you need to get new customers, by far the best (and cheapest) way is to offer a free sample of your product or service.

What I am saying is, take the money you would have spent on fancy advertising and give it to your best prospective customers (the players) in the form of a sample or trial of your product or service. Thus a restaurant can offer a Free Main Course or an open $5, $10 or $20 voucher.

A clothing shop can offer a free shirt. A flew car retailer can offer a free dinner with any test drive. Another way to get new customers is to create an Information Product such as a ‘FREE Report which you can sell or giveaway.

Create something that positions you as the expert and educates the customer on why they should buy from you. (Warning: Aim your free sampling only at the players – see this post) You can easily test this rule if you monitor the results from your different marketing strategies.


Target Top 10% Of Your Possible Customers

Where possible sell only to “players”. (People who want what you sell and have the money to afford it) It is far easier to make money by selling half as much but at double the price! We always advise most of our clients to increase their prices and improve their marketing and customer service. Rather than lower their prices and have no profit margin left for good marketing and customer service.

Usually this results in less work and more profit for the business. The “players” don’t really ask “how much” as they do “will it work and can I trust you” or “do I like dealing with this person and the business”.


“How are you going?” Calls

How are you going?”

Customers love the personal touch!

There is another level of Customer Service that you can reach, all you have to do is think of them more often, show them you care, give them a call to say:

 “Hi, I was just thinking of you and thought I would call to see how things are going”.

 Think how just a few phone calls a day, slotted into your day would make a huge difference to what your customers think of you and before long they would be your mates and wouldn’t dream of going to your opposition, they would rather pay more or travel further to see their mate.

Quite often you will find that they have a question or would like to buy something but hadn’t got around to calling you.

They will even tell their friends how great you are and if they weren’t already you top customers, they soon will be. The best way to get New Customers is if they were referred by an “A” customer.