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Invest In Yourself By Building Your Knowledge

In 27 Years as a Pharmacist, Michelle Had Never Given a Thought to Her ‘Exit Strategy’.

Business Owner says “You always learn something at a seminar”

Feedback from Pharmacist

Michelle Spiro, Professional Business Woman in Australia.



Don’t Wait…. Change Your Life For The Better Now

“The potential is here for the whole family to get involved with BBI”

Tina and her husband are glad they bought their License.

“My Husband has started to come alive”

Tina Chin, BBI Licensee in NSW Australia.



Fantastic and Informative – BBI Training

” Next Step is to Get Home and Start Doing It”

Kelly had a great weekend at the

Better Business Institute 3 Day Training

Feedback from Licensee who attended the BBI 3 Day Training

Kelly from Sydney Australia.



Take That Step Of Faith In Yourself – You Won’t Be Disappointed

” We Have Been Blown Away With The Support We Have Received From Dmitri and Peter”

New Consultant’s Eyes Have Been Opened With The Possibilities For The Future

Feedback from 3 Day Training Attendee

Michael Chin, BBI Licensee in Sydney Australia.



Think Outside The Square – Look At Different Concepts

“It Doesn’t matter How Good A Salesman You Are If You Don’t Have Marketing Skills”

Business Owner Attended Dmitri Stern’s Business Marketing Workshop and now wants to take his already successful business to the Next Level!

Feedback from Seminar attendee

Barry Evans, Grocery Retailer in Bargo, Australia.



“All My Prayers Have Been Answered By Attending This Workshop”

“Its Opened Up My Eyes – Anybody Can Do It”

Business Owner attends Dmitri Stern’s Marketing Workshop as her last resort to save her business.

Feedback from Seminar attendee

Carolina Silva, Professional  Female Automotive Repair Business in Australia.



Just Get This Information and Apply It – It Will Help Anyone In Business

“You Will See Immediate Cash Flow – Dmitri is the Best in Australia and New Zealand”

Business Consultant upskils by attending Dmitri Stern’s “How to Profit From Business” Workshop

Feedback from Seminar attendee

Flora Azizova, BBI Business Consultant in Australia.



Doesn’t Matter What Level Of Training You Have – You Should Be At The Workshop

“Its Great to Hear From The Master Himself, Dmitri is Awesome”

“Business Owners are flooded with ideas after attending Dmitri Stern’s Business Workshop”

Feedback from Business Consultant atttending Dmitri’s Business Workshop

Brett Bramble, Business Consultant in Sdyney  Australia.



‘Real’ Client Testimonials Increase Credibility – And Sales

‘Real’ Client
Testimonials Increase Credibility –
And Sales

Like a referral, a testimonial is a third party endorsement and therefore is
much more believeable. Hardly anyone (except mail order companies) uses
testimonials. Use them. They work.


Think And Grow Rich

“Listen to Dmitri Stern at his “How to Profit From Business Workshop, as He Has ‘Been There’, He Knows”

Business Owner advises that you should pay attention and put it into practice……… then you will “Think and Grow Rich”.

Feedback from workshop attendee

Tony Bonanno, Performance Impact, Successful Busines Coach and Internet Business Owner in Australia.