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Golden Rule #15


Don’t Do That, Do This?


Golden Rule #15

Don’t listen to opinions and advice from well meaning friends, family and business associates. Time after time I’ve seen a perfectly good ad being discarded because someone close to my clients said “Oh, I would never read that’ or “This would never make me buy’. Here’s a golden piece of advice. Don’t listen to anyone who hasn’t proved to you they can sell better than you or I can. Test the ad instead – you’ll make a lot more money that way. Well meaning advice is a dime-a-dozen. Don’t let it cost you thousands!!



Did You Know You Are Sitting On A Goldmine?

Did You Know You Are Sitting

On A Goldmine?

Do you need some Instant money? … who doesn’t!

You can literally make thousands of dollars overnight by breaking into your own secret Goldmine.

What Goldmine?…      You are thinking…      Where do I look?


Oh them, I hear you say!…Why do you think only 1% of businesses would think to do this?

Does this sound familiar?

“Thank you Madam, and would you like fries with that?” 

No marks for guessing why McDonalds franchises are so successful

Have you calculated how much it costs you to find a new customer?… hey why not try selling to the ones you already have?  After all, they are standing right there in front of you!

This fantastic money making, mind blowing little trick even has a name… its called

‘Back-End Selling’

If you make a new friend, wouldn’t you want to keep that friendship…..why go out and spend a fortune finding another one?

The answer is so simple…….. Give your client what they want…. then help them further by asking if they would like more..

 “Would you like to up-size your order Sir?”

Give them more..,More benefits…More products…More services!

…and they will be giving you More…MORE MONEY!

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Is the fastest and easiest way to make your customers happy and your bank manager too!

Look after your customers, nurture them, supply to them and they will look after you..

if you don’t someone else will!




Upsell For 30% More Profits

Upsell Each And
Every Sale For 30% More Profits

If you work at McDonalds you are allowed to forget twice. The third time
you loose your job. What I’m talking about is the world famous question . . .

“Would you like a drink or some chips with your order?”

The hairdresser suggests a bottle of shampoo, the restaurant a delicious
dessert, garlic bread or coffee, the photo development lab picks out a cute picture
and asks if you’d like it enlarged. The lady on the telephone from the vitamin
company asks if you’d like a second bottle at half price. The cosmetics lady asks
your wife if she’d like a night cream or a matching nail polish with her lipstick.

All these are examples of up-selling, and some companies get as much as
50% of their profits from sales made by asking these questions. And the
customers love it too. They get a better deal on something they may have
forgotten to get in the first place.

Let me ask you a question? Have you ever painted your house and forgot to
buy a small brush or a drop sheet or a scraper, and had to drive back to the
hardware store? If only they asked you whether you needed anything else when
you bought the paint!

So ‘up-selling’ is great for everyone —You, the customer and your bank
manager. The only question which remains is are you doing it?