Case Studies

My business increased 328% after 7 months working with BBI consultant

“I’ve been employing Dmitri’s services for 6 months now. As a result of his input, the new account uptake went from 70-90 to 210-230 per month. We’ve budgeted for $300K in turnover for this year, we are nearing $1M in sales.

I have to expand the infrastructure to service increased workload we now have 6 vans on the roads and looking to add 2 more”.

Paul Griffith, Owner, Electrical Company, Auckland

BBI superstar Tony Fraser-Jones delivers 7% response to his client – 87% new customers – all during the recession!

“A flyer campaign designed and supervised by Tony was distributed to 1000 houeseholds, resulting in 69 people coming to the shop within a week. 87% of them are new customers!

The second campaign was SMS based – it resulted in 8% response – which is unheard of in the traditional Direct Response advertising (you would expect 2-3% response). I’m very pleased with my ROI with Tony!”

Warren Klein, Owner, Lifestyle Meats, Hamilton

From Discouraged and Frustrated Start-up Entrepreneur to Successful Exporter

“Before starting to work with you, Dmitri – I was frustrated, I had no confidence and felt discouraged because I wasn’t able to make enough sales. I was thinking that being in business by myself is just to hard and was about to give up. We’ve started in June 2004 – and I felt that you were an oasis in the desert for me. You’ve offered me a very specific marketing tool, computer based system, sound marketing advise and well structured platform to work from. I took appropriate actions to create a pipeline of leads and started to convert them into prospects and customers. You’ve helped me to write my marketing collateral, so that I was able to penetrate through gatekeepers and reach the decision makers – something I won’t able to do before. You have tailored your approach to suit my needs. It was another marketing company that was very keen to offer me their marketing services, but weren’t prepare to step away to their standard ‘group coaching’ way of doing business.

You have walked your talk! Without questions – you have delivered on your promise. In September I had my best way ever as I’ve started to export to Australia at this point and now in November – I’m going to export in Singapore in very near future. With your help I have created marketing and sales systems that have moved my business forward.”

Maureen Clark, Owner, Claritasconnect Ltd

$6,700 saved by using only 2 simple strategies

Judie Maddox of Margo’s Ladies Fashions talks of her achievements from working with Brett Bramble (BBI consultant) as Profit Growth Specialist and Profitable Marketing.

Dr Robin Taylor with Fiona Clark from BreakThrough Business Solutions (Trained by BBI)

Dr Robin Taylor, Chiropractor talks about his experience with working with Fiona Clark – Business Growth Specialist, and the results they achieved.

BBI Star Coach – Fiona Clark Delivers Results To Her Clients!

Anita talks about her experience of working with Fiona Clark from BreakThrough Business Solutions and the impact it has had on her business.

Coffee Supplies Wholesaler Gets 65 Warm Leads Using Low Cost Marketing.

“Brad Podmore from Coffee & Tea Supplies wanted to speak to more local businesses WITHOUT having to door knock the area. He now has 65 warm leads to follow-up – thank you to Mark and BBI strategies!”.

Coffee supplies wholesaler gets 65 warms leads using an effective, low cost marketing strategy developed by business consultant

Mark Fregnan of Kinetic Media & Marketing (Perth, Western Australia)

$10,500 from a $450 promotion – Shoe retailer.

“Shoe retailer shares her experience from working with a Business Growth Specialis”.

$23 in sales on $1 invested in marketing – is a very good return on investment of your marketing dollar, says Andy Rolston – the best marketing specialist!

$75,000.00 better off from Newspaper Ad – thank you to my BBI business coach!

“Owner of 3 Accounting Practices, Terry Murphy achieves extra $75k better off from Newspaper Ad and new marketing strategies. He explains people make the mistake of thinking they can do it all themselves. Thank you to Business Coach – Brett Bramble and BBI strategies!”.

“It’s a pleasure to work with the switch-on client and seeing them getting fantastic resuluts with my effort!”

Brett Bramble of Seaforth Group & Marketing (Sydney)