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When you’re telling your prospects what to do to order your product or
service, you must be specific . . . you must take them by the hand and lead them
down the path. You must tell them precisely what actions they have to take to buy
what you’re selling. Remind them that taking this action will get them the
benefits they want to enjoy from your product or service. You can’t afford to
assume that your prospects know that they need to pick up the ‘phone, dial the
numbers, come into your store, and have their credit card handy. You must tell

Tell your prospects what to do. People are silently begging for you to lead
them – so do it! People love it when they are being told what to do. Why?
Because they don’t have to think! And during this “closing” process, you want to
make the whole process as “think-less” as possible.. . .

Here are some tips that will make your prospect’s job of buying easier:

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This System Can Work For Anybody and I Will Make Sure it Works For Me

“I Found a Lot of Logic and a Lot of Belief in the Systems”

Demos was naturally sceptical but had all his questions answered by the time he had finished the training.

“As an Engineer, I ask a lot of questions and was very Sceptical.”

Demos Michalopoulos, Previously a road engineer, now an entrepreneur in NSW Australia.