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Let A Video Do Your Selling For You

Let A Video Do
Your Selling For You

This works extremely well for many businesses, including mine. You can
advertise the video for $10, $20 or $30 or offer it FREE with a $30 refundable
deposit and let the video do the selling for you. You can produce a good selling
video for under $2,000 if you do it right.

The biggest mistake is to spend $10,000 (or more) on a video that may not
even work. I hear that Anthony Robbins (the USA personal growth guru) spent
a $1 million on a 30 minute video selling his products . . . however, he’s got the
cash to pay for any mistakes he makes. Also, he gets the best in the world to
advise him and produce it. For you (and I), until we get the gist of things, lowcost
is the key. If it works you can always up the stakes later.

The key is to do it—doing something that’s not ‘perfect’ in production is far
better than doing nothing.


Millionaire Tells His Story Of Gratitude to BBI Strategies

Ton Hua Started His Multimillion Dollar Business by Reading One of Peter Sun’s Books

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Pretty ads don’t sell

Don’t try to be creative or original. Pretty ads don’t sell products. The most appealing (to look at) and artistic ads seldom make people buy the products they are supposed to be selling. The ads that win awards for the advertising agencies who create them rarely win sales awards for the clients!

During a survey of ads that won a “Clio” award. (The advertising industries highest recognition) it was found that agencies that won 4 of the Clios lost the clients business. . . Another client refused to even run his ad ~d… of 80 TV classics picked by Clio, 36 of the business owners involved had either sacked the agency or had gone broke.

Not a real good record, is it?

In fact, the owner of one of the biggest direct response advertising agencies once said to a client . . . “Do you want creativity and originality? Or do you want to see the darned sales graph going up?? Because you sure as heck ain’t going to get them both!” I guess the point I am making, is don’t be creative for the sake of being creative.

Finding a new twist for a proven sales approach is fine, but only as long as it works better than the previous one. Let your sales graph be the judge.