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Keep In Contact With Your Past Customers

Make your Customers Feel Special -Thank Them

 Sending” thank you” notes and cards is a wonderful idea and much appreciated by anyone who receives something in the mail with delightful words, but a personal phone call from time to time is always a big pleaser. You could impress your customers, simply by a call just to thank them for paying their account on time or for making a large order or just because you want to thank them for being such a lovely customer.

“Hi Sue, is John from (your work), its been a while since I spoke to you last, but I just wanted to let you know that its always a pleasure doing business with you. It certainly makes our day when we deal with people like you and we really appreciate the large order you put through last Monday.”

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Tap Into Your Employee’s Knoweldge Of Your Customers


It’s A Team Effort!

Many heads think better than one.

 Ask your team members what ideas they can think of to impress your customers or how to serve them better.  People think from different spaces and often have ideas inside them waiting to come to fruition when asked.  It’s more often than not, the other team members who deal with the customers at the ‘coal face’, so they know the best ways to make your customers happy and rewarded.

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Impress Your Customer

Impress Your Customer

By sending Thank You Letters or Simple Follow Up Notes.

 It doesn’t really matter how or why you communicate to your customer, if you want to keep an existing customer or Impress a new customer or make your existing customer step up and become an “A” Customer you need to let them know that you want them.  Every one wants to be needed and appreciated yet hardly any business adds the personal touch. Don’t wait for Christmas to thank them, do it all year.

There are many reasons to keep in touch with your customer and these are just a few:

  • Birthday cards or notes: usually get this date off their account application forms etc, but it always nice to receive a surprise birthday card.
  • Aniversary note: Just gives a gentle reminder thats its been a year since they had their last massage or 2 years since they bought their car from you and perhaps they may wish to trade it in Read More Here…


Customers Like Birthday Cards too!

Customers Have Birthdays too!

Show Your Customer You Care

Everybody loves to get a birthday present or treat so why not impress your Customers.  Send them something simple, a discount voucher to a restaurant or some movie tickets.  Try to get alongside the restaurant and talk to them about a joint venture.  If you are introducing someone to their business, maybe they could give you  “free meal” vouchers to give to your customer.

 Send them a note with the gift, something that says you have remembered their birthday like:

“A little bird told me it’s you birthday. To show you how special we think you are we have enclosed a special gift just for you”


Sweeten Your Customers

Sweeten Your Customers with little packets of Lollies or Jelly Beans

Put a little bag of lollies into the envelope when you next send them something, whether it be their order, or their statement. Hand write a little note on a compliments slip:

“I thought I would sweeten up your day”.

It will impress your customers and they will remember you and refer you to their friends or colleagues and say what a great company you were “ and they always send yummy sweets too”

A word of warning though, if you stop sending lollies, they will ask you where they are, as they won’t forget how lovely it was to receive them and will expect them all the time.