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Pay People To Try Your Product

Pay People To Try
Your Product

A manufacturer of a new line of forklifts had a hard time getting people to even
try them out. So he offered them $50 – $100 just to spend 10 minutes test driving
them and giving him feedback on performance.
The result. Business was up by 38% in less than 2 months!

A manufacturer/wholesaler offers $300 as free credit to anyone opening a new
account this month. Do you think that would work? You bet it would! It’s a lot
better than throwing your money into advertising that may or may not work.


The Results Were Immediate By Working With BBI

“We had been in business 15 years and we needed more customers”

“We budgeted for 300k turnover but we are now on target next month at $1M “


“We went from 70 to 230 jobs in one month by working with Dmitri”

Paul – Electrical client