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Seminar Was Easy And Very Interesting

Great Tools to Attain Better Results In Business

“The best thing was that it was simple, so why don’t we do that already “


“Why are you hesitating, come and see how great it is for yourself”

Eduarda – seminar attendee



Golden Rule #9


Am I Difficult To Read?

Golden Rule #9

Monitor everything you do to promote your business. Start yourself a promotion analysis folder. Inside have details of each promotion or ad you run and the results it brought you. You’ll at least double your advertising results by doing this!! Never use reverse type (black background with white type) in your ads. Research clearly shows that this is difficult to read and will reduce response by at least 50%. However if you look in many magazines lots of articles and ads are designed this way. What a waste!!




How To Write Headlines that get you up to 19 times greater response

How To Write Headlines

that get you up to 19 times greater response to all your ads, letters and brochures…

Please get a copy of today’s newspaper. Look at the front cover and tell me what your read…

 Let me guess, it probably says something like this – Cold Blooded Murder, Sex Scandal, Corruption Charges Laid, Innocent Victims Sued or something equally grizzly and sensational.

 Do you know why most of the main articles in newspapers start with headlines relating to disasters, murders, sex and corruption? Well, I am going to tell you anyway. It’s because that’s what sells newspapers. It attracts people who read newspapers (and sometimes even those who don’t) and they buy it.

 The only purpose of a headline is to target the person you

want to reach and to sell them on wanting to know more.

If you want proof, look at the magazine racks in the newsagents. Magazines aimed at young women such as Cleo have articles headlined – “What You Always Wanted To Know About Men, 4 Signs To Look For If He’s Cheating On You, 8 Tips On Looking Great This Summer.”

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Delegate Everything Except The Marketing

Everything Except The Marketing

No matter what business you are in, you should be spending at least 30% of
your time on marketing and finding new ways to get more business in the door.

It seems to me that almost everyone who is working hard but not making a
lot of money, is hoping someone else will make them rich, someone else will sell
their products, the newspaper will produce a miracle ad, the economy will get
better, word of mouth will spread the message . . . what a load of baloney!

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