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The More Information You Give, The More You Will Sell

The More
Information You Give, The More
You Will Sell

As a general rule, 2 minute TV commercials will out-sell a 30 second
commercial and a 30 minute ‘infomercial’ out-sells both again. Remember your
ads are targeted at the ‘players’ – the people who want what you are selling and
have the money to pay for it. They will read your ads (or watch them) if what you
say is interesting and relevant to them. Some of the most famous ‘long copy’ ads

  •  6,450 words for Merril Lynch Stockbrokers—1 insertion brought 10,000 responses from interested investors.
  •  5 pages of text for selling Schlitz beer—within a few months Schlitz went from fifth in sales to first.
  • 600 word ad for Puerto Rico by David Ogilvy got 14,000 readers to send in a coupon.
  • 800 word ad for Mercedes Benz headlined “You give up things when you buy the Mercedes Benz 230S—Things like rattles, rust and shabby workmanship” increased sales from 10,000 cars a year to 40,000 a year in the USA.
  • A copy-rich Yellow Pages ad got a $40,000 increase for the owner of a video repair shop the month Yellow Pages came out.
  • Demtel built a $50 million dollar a year business virtually overnight with their 2 minute ads.

I could give you dozens of examples, but test it out for yourself.