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The Amazing Secret Of Getting New Customers For Your Business

 The Amazing Secret Of

Getting New Customers
For Your Business

How To Make Powerful Offers That Instantly Attract
New Customers To Your Business

I’ll show you how to go about getting new customers for any business. Actually, getting new customers is easy – if you know how. Most people in business do it the hard way. I’ll show you the easy way….and it’s also the cheapest way to get all the customers you want.

To do this I need to explain what’s known as the ‘Lifetime Value’ of a customer to you. If you understand the ‘Lifetime Value’ of your customer you can get new customers almost as if by magic. It’s the ‘Marketing Edge’ that can help your profits skyrocket and get lots of new customers coming through your door.

No matter how large or small your business, no matter what product or service you sell, you must first calculate the ‘Lifetime Value’ of your customer. Once you know it, you can decide exactly what you can afford to spend to bring in a new customer – and the best way to go about it.

In a nutshell the ‘Lifetime Value’ of a customer is …

The average purchase value, multiplied by the number of times they buy
from you in a year, multiplied by the number of years they remain your customer.

For example: You own a restaurant and your regular customer spends $30 each time they visit you, of which $20 is profit. Let’s say they come to eat 12 times per year and stay with you for two years on average.

This makes your regular customer worth $20 x 12 x 2 = $480 in profit to your business. (See below for a form to help you calculate this for your business.)

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