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Educate Your Customers And They Will Come Back More Often

Become A Knowledge Bank

 Build a library of information

Have readily available to your customers, books, brochures and videos with all the latest information on your products and services, techniques, possible applications and designs.Technical or motivational information that you can loan out to your clients for their benefit.

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Impress Your Customer

Impress Your Customer

By sending Thank You Letters or Simple Follow Up Notes.

 It doesn’t really matter how or why you communicate to your customer, if you want to keep an existing customer or Impress a new customer or make your existing customer step up and become an “A” Customer you need to let them know that you want them.  Every one wants to be needed and appreciated yet hardly any business adds the personal touch. Don’t wait for Christmas to thank them, do it all year.

There are many reasons to keep in touch with your customer and these are just a few:

  • Birthday cards or notes: usually get this date off their account application forms etc, but it always nice to receive a surprise birthday card.
  • Aniversary note: Just gives a gentle reminder thats its been a year since they had their last massage or 2 years since they bought their car from you and perhaps they may wish to trade it in Read More Here…


A free Lunch?

A free Lunch?

Is there really such a thing?

Invite Your “A Customer’s” to Regular Lunches

A great way to get to know your customers and to build rapport with them is to invite them to a luncheon.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair just invite 10 of your ‘A ’ customers at a time. Invite one of them to be a Guest Speaker and ask them to bring a friend. They will not only be very grateful to be invited, but you get a chance to schmooze their friends into doing business with you too. Take advantage of this situation to get New Customers.

Maybe invite the ‘ B’ customers at times too and they will soon step up and become your ‘A’ customers.

 After the luncheon, send them all a thank you letter with a special offer to the guest friends. Perhaps offer them a free consultation to get to know them better and discuss if their needs are being met by their present supplier or coach. You could say in your letter:

“Thank you very much for being our special guest at our regular VIP customers luncheon.  We at XYZ company love spoiling our customers and look for any excuse to get to know and understand them better.  If you feel you would like to be part of our XYZ family to join us regularly at our Free Lunches, please feel free to call John on 478  _ _ _ _ and make an appointment for a free consultation so we can get to know you and ascertain how best we can help and serve you.”


Spread Christmas Cheer!

Spread Christmas Cheer!

Send Christmas Greetings to all your existing Customers

 Your card needs to stand out from the others! Why not attach a small gift like a chocolate or a lollie to the greeting card.  

Maybe personalize the card with ribbons or holly and hand deliver to your customers. Calling in on them gives you a different perspective on them, especially if you don’t normally leave your premises to do business meeting or sales.

You might notice something that you can help with or could help you serve them better.

Or you could hold a Christmas party for all your ‘A’  customers.  If you don’t have many invite your ‘B’ Customers too and they may soon become your ‘A’ Customers.

‘Tis the season to be Jolly…tralala..lalalala!


“How are you going?” Calls

How are you going?”

Customers love the personal touch!

There is another level of Customer Service that you can reach, all you have to do is think of them more often, show them you care, give them a call to say:

 “Hi, I was just thinking of you and thought I would call to see how things are going”.

 Think how just a few phone calls a day, slotted into your day would make a huge difference to what your customers think of you and before long they would be your mates and wouldn’t dream of going to your opposition, they would rather pay more or travel further to see their mate.

Quite often you will find that they have a question or would like to buy something but hadn’t got around to calling you.

They will even tell their friends how great you are and if they weren’t already you top customers, they soon will be. The best way to get New Customers is if they were referred by an “A” customer.


Customers Need Loving Too!

Customers Need Loving Too!

Love and Nurture Your Existing Customers
To Ensure Your New Customers Will Love You And Keep Coming Back

It would seem that most businesses think that customers have a “use by” date stamped on their forehead; they just use them once then throw them away. Customers are fantastic creatures that can be used again and again you just need to feed them and nurture them. It not unlike farming really, you can grow them from seedlings into a mature “A ” customer that just keeps producing fruit.

 You can feed them with information and good service and nurture them with a more personal touch, get to know them as a real person, just like yourself.  Customers have feelings, and want the same things as you. They want to feel needed and loved and know that someone has their best interests at heart. Customers have children, relationship issues, they have cars, boats, houses, mortgages and loans just like everyone else.

If you care for you customer, they will thrive and so will your bank balance.

“Give…. And though shalt receive”