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Take That Step Of Faith In Yourself – You Won’t Be Disappointed

” We Have Been Blown Away With The Support We Have Received From Dmitri and Peter”

New Consultant’s Eyes Have Been Opened With The Possibilities For The Future

Feedback from 3 Day Training Attendee

Michael Chin, BBI Licensee in Sydney Australia.



Use ‘Advertorials’ To Increase Response By Up To 500%

Use ‘Advertorials’ To Increase

Response By Up To 500%

Research clearly shows that ads that look like editorial articles get 500%
more readership than ads that obviously look like ads. People don’t buy magazines or newspapers to read the ads do they? Of course not! You, I and
everybody else, buy the papers, magazines or watch TV for the stories.
By making your ads informative and looking like the stories in the
publication, you’ll get more sales. When writing your ad, pretend you are the
editor of the magazine writing about your company or product.