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Turnover Tripled In Just 4 Months

50 People came in to get their prize and bought dinner on top

Ex Boxer shares how he went with his first BBI Client – an Auckland Restaurant


“I got $15,000 plus profit share for a 6 month contract…. plus dinner for 2 every month”

Boss Cecil – BBI Consultant/Profit Growth Specialist



Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale

So, how do you end your letter? The one thing you must always do is ask
the person to take some sort of action:

  • Pick up the phone and call
  • Fill in the coupon and mail it
  • Come into the store
  • Ask them to buy
  • Ask them to call you

Just make sure you ask them to do something!

So finally you’ve written your headline, you’ve “adapted” successful bits
and pieces into your letter, you’ve listed lots of bullets (benefits) and you’ve
added some exciting bonuses to make your prospects keen as mustard to buy,
and you’ve also guaranteed your whole proposal.

You asked them to call you and order (and you even included your private
phone number), and you then signed your letter.
Now all that remains to do is to send it, right? Wrong!


New Found Journey For Husband and Wife Team

“We Are Going To Assist Business’s Into Making Their Bottom Line More Profitable”

Mike was a truck driver, now he and his wife are on their way to financical freedom.

“An Opportunity One Can Never Miss!”

Mike and Nancy Lomman, Entrepreneuers from Australia



Bullets For Profits

Bullets For

What are they? They are like those little headlines you often see on the
cover of magazines. You know the ones I mean. In Cleo you’ll see . . .

  •  7 tell tale signs to find out if he’s cheating on you
  •  How to lose weight and keep it off this summer – without giving up the foods you like
  •  7 hot young guys reveal what they really want from a woman

A health magazine will say . . .

  •  I survived Aids—a true story
  •  How to keep out those winter flu’s – without going to the doctor
  • 8 vitamins and herbs that’ll give you a younger look, keep you slimmer and give you more energy
  • A business opportunity magazine will say …
  •  Quit your day job— 5 signs it’s time to be your own boss
  •  Where to get great business ideas – for FREE!
  •  How to make $1,000 a weekend in hottest fast food craze.

How To Make Your Own Bullets

Using the samples given above, you simply substitute your product and
business instead. For example if you were a menswear retailer, the bullet:

  • “7 tell tale signs to find out if he’s cheating” could become:
  • 7 tell tale signs to find out if your new suit will still look great after 6 months of wear!

Or try this one …

  •  ‘How to lose weight and keep it off this summer — without giving up the foods you like!’ becomes:
  • How to buy a complete outfit and look like a million dollars – without spending a fortune!

And so it goes. All it takes is a little (or a lot if you want to be a real expert)
practice and a few examples to get you started.


Test … Test … Test And Double Test Your Results

Test … Test …
Test And Double Test Your Results

Once you start to monitor what you are doing, you’ll be amazed at what a
difference a simple change in a headline (without changing the rest of your ad)
will bring. Or the way you greet a customer in a one-on-one situation, or who
you send your letters to. All these can impact on your results.

Often opinions differ as to whether or not something will work, and the only
sure way of knowing what your customers want is to put it to the test. Try all
versions and analyse the results. The very sophisticated companies will even pay
to have 2 different ads inserted into the same magazine or newspaper on the same

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The Call To Act — Now!

The Call To
Act — Now!

Have a look at your collection of sales letters again. What do they all have
at the very end. That’s right. A “PS” and, according to some direct mail
experts, a good PS can increase your results by up to 60%.

The reason is that some people go from the front page to the last to see who
sent the letter and what it all costs and they always read the PS. Don’t ask me
why, but we all like to read the PS, don’t we? Catch yourself next time you get
a good letter!

So, it’s critical that you include a PS (or two), and your PS should:

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