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How To Use Cheap Classified Ads and Two-Step Marketing To Make Up To $10,000 a Week (or more) In Sales

How To Use Cheap Classified Ads and Two-Step Marketing To Make Up To $10,000 a Week (or more) In Sales

Whether you like it or not, the material world we all live in runs on money.


Lots of it and if you are serious about helping others, looking after your family and being known as a kind, generous person, you will generally find it much easier if you have a hit (or lots) of money behind you.

Of course, how much money you’ll make in life is dependent on a vitally important marketing secret you probably never even give a second thought to. This is such a powerful concept that just being aware of it can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns. Before I tell you what it is, let me give you some clues to make it stick in your mind. The clues to this secret lie hidden in the following four examples …

Example #1  A person who has worked for a boss all their life buys a successful business with lots of customers … Within 12 months, the business closes down and the person moans about being ripped off.

Example #2  A young guy with a dirty old car wins a brand new one in a lottery.  Within a couple of months, the car is filthy dirty and dented. In fact, a recent newspaper report states that 70% of people who win a major lottery ($200,000 and up) are broke again within two years!

Example #3  A “C grade” tennis player is playing an “A grader” in a tournament.  He plays like he’s never played before and is just one game away from victory.  Suddenly he loses his nerve and the A grader coasts to a win as expected.

Example #4   A self made Chinese millionaire loses his property to the Communists. He moves to Australia, starts a business and, within a short time, becomes prosperous again.

So what does all this tell you? In fact, these examples of real-life situations simply confirm what I frequently come across when working with clients, which is that …

People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zone.

Whilst most people want to make more money, want to be healthier, more confident, look younger and be generally more successful than they are … not many of them are prepared to change what they are used to doing now and let me tell you …

If you want different results in any area of your life or business,
you must do things differently than you are doing now.

Easier said than done, for most people. You see, most people are simply not used to making decisions that will alter the lifestyle and routine they are comfortable with.

In fact, the most psychologically uncomfortable thing for humans to do is to,

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