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Golden Rule #5


Am I Appealing to You?

Golden Rule #5

When promoting your products find the “right appeal’. This is usually the biggest “reason why” your customers buy your products. The benefit they get by using your product. The wrong kind of advertising appeal can actually reduce sales. It has been tested that one advertisement can out-sell another by as much as 19.5 times. Even though they both look the same, cost the same and sell the same product. The difference is in the “appeal” used to sell the product in the ad. (Typically contained in the headline) The best way to find the right appeal is to ask your best salespeople what arguments they use to sell your products. Or, ask your best customers why they buy from you.


I found It Inspiring, Motivating And One Of The Best I’ve Been To

Dating workshop owner attends event again.

“Using just 2 tips that I got at the last seminar I generated $3,000 to $4,000”


“One of the best business leaders I have ever met “

Alex Coulson – Dating Coach



Get On The Telephone And Sell!

Get On The
Telephone And Sell

Is your business a bit slow? Do you have spare time on your hands? It’s
amazing how many shops I go to where the sales person just sits there twiddling
their thumbs.

A really great Thai restaurant I loved going to went bust. But never once
did they get my name, ask me to come in more often, spend more money or go
out and offer coupons, free meals and other incentives to get more business.

If they rang all the business owners around them, introduced themselves,
they would have to get some business!

Try the ‘telephone-letter-telephone’ method — First telephone and ask for
the person’s permission to send them some information on “How to . . .” – then
mail the letter . . . and follow up with a call to prompt them into action.