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“I Nearly Bought A Jail Sentence”

“I Sold My House In China To Buy A Coffee Lounge, So Glad I Didn’t Go Through With It”

Jenny was looking forward to support from her new family  – the BBI  family.

Feedback from New Licensee

Jenny Geng, been in business all her life. NSW Australia.



The ‘AICPBSAWN’ Formula


Let me introduce you to the AICPBSAWN formula of one of America’s best
copywriters, Brian Keith Voiles, a man who charges a minimum of $10,000 for
an ad or letter!
           The AICPBSAWN formula is more of a procedure and I call it a formula
because when you combine all of the existing elements, they become something
greater than they are independent of each other.

So here are the different elements of the procedure — in order of how
they’d appear in your ad or sales letter:

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