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Interview Your Top Salespeople/Customers To Get Good Copy

Interview Your
Top Salespeople/Customers To Get
Good Copy

I’ve found it is much better to get someone else to interview and ask the
questions. These questions usually lead to other valuable questions but the
questionnaire is the “meat” of the interview—it brings out most of the major
elements you’ll need to create a winning ad or sales letter.

The more research you do, the better your ad will be. In fact, your ad or sales
letter will practically write itself if you’ve done your homework. All good print ads
and sales letters are “salesmanship in print”, and since ad writing is basically
“salesmanship in print,” why not get in touch with the top sales people in your
organisation? Then interview them thoroughly and have them sell the product or
service, right then and there over the telephone, with your tape recorder going!
Yes, that’s right—interview the top 3 or 4 sales pros in your organisation and this
will confirm many of the sales points and benefits of your product, and also reveal
other things you didn’t think of before.

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“There Is A Spark In Each Of Us…… Waiting To Be Ignited”

“I’ve Got As Far As I Can On My Own, Now I Am Looking Forward To Guidance From BBI.”

Business Owner used to get BBI fax’s 18 years ago. 

Feedback from New Licensee

Bruce Gard, astute business owner in NSW.