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Ask For Action – Don’t Be A Marketing Wimp

Don’t Be A
Marketing Wimp Or An Image
Peddler — Ask For Action

Look at most ads . . . “Here’s our beautiful car, house, product or whatever”
and that’s where they end. If you run an ad for anything—you must ‘ask for

For example. A car ad could end like this . . . “Get into our showroom this
weekend, take a test ride and take home a free (case of coke, free dinner, free
whatever) just for test driving it.”

An ad for a can of soup could end like this . . . “Cut out the coupon and get a
$1.50 can for just 25 cents at your local store.”

Or a real estate ad . . . “Inspect our unit or allow us to give you an appraisal
and get a thingamabob as a thank you. No obligation whatsoever.”

Hey, it’s a numbers game. Some will. Some won’t. So what. As long as it’s
profitable at the end of the day. And given the thousands (no, millions) of dollars
being wasted on ads and promotions that don’t bring in any sales, this sort of offer
could be a bargain and get lots of people to your business.


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Grant Lewers, Entrepreneuer from NSW, Australia