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Proving what you’re claiming is true has a lot to do with credibility, but it’s
more along the lines of presenting your offer and your claims in a believable
way. Understand, people won’t “buy” your claims unless you back them up with
“proof” that’s presented to them in a believable way.

Being honest is important – but what’s even more important as far as
generating sales goes, is that you must be perceived as being honest. You see,
creating powerful, compelling offers is great – and yet powerful, compelling
offers can be their own booby-trap. Let me explain.

When you present your prospects with an irresistible offer, one that sounds
“too good to be true” even if it’s totally “legit”, it makes them wonder if it is true.
Therefore, a powerful offer that sounds fantastic can sometimes be it’s own worst
enemy. That’s why, immediately following the offer, we pump our prospects
with “credibility boosters” and then give them “proof” that what we’re saying is
true, and that the offer is for real.

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