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How To Steal Customers From Your Competitors Using Direct Mail

How To Steal Customers
From Your Competitors
Using Direct Mail

“It’s amazing that direct mail can actually make you so much extra money for so little work”

I am now the proud owner of three hand painted silk ties. While that may not make the evening  news, the story about how I got those ties is quite interesting.

About six days ago, I received a letter. I get a lot of letters. And most of these letters are either checks (I like that kind of letter the best) or various sales and promotional letters. I keep the good letters in a big box for ideas, and throw the boring ones in the bin.

Anyway, this letter got my attention. It was personalized in my name. (This is very important if you want results.) The paper it was printed on was exquisite quality and the letterhead looked a bit like a 4-color hologram (expensive looking too). But what really got my attention was the piece of hand painted silk attached to the top of this letter. (This is what I call a ‘grabber’, it gets your attention and makes you remember the letter.)

I was most impressed.

Not only was this a very catchy and up-market invitation to a new store opening – it also promised me mountains of food, drink and … hand painted silk ties.

Something I’ve had my eye on for a while to go with my seminar suit.

Now, even though I was very busy and this shop was half an hour drive away, I called them and accepted the invitation. While I was at it, I congratulated the owner of the store on his letter. I also asked him how he got my name and such a great idea for getting attention.

You gave it to me,” he replied. Apparently, he was at a seminar I gave about 15 months ago. Since then he’s taken what I said to heart and follows my advice for creating “killer” direct mail letters. Letters that get attention. Letters that you like to read. Letters that sell.  And did his letter sell! The place was packed. And the people, including me, were buying.  Not a bad way to start a new business, is it?

What’s more, the owners were astute enough to also collect the names and addresses of everyone who bought something. This will be the start of a direct mail business for them. As I’ve said many times before, find the market first.  There is no better market for whatever you are selling, than someone who has just bought from you. Let me show you why that is so …

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