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How To Turn $200 Into $16,000

How To Turn $200
Into $16,000

The Amazing Advertising Secret That Makes All Your Ads, Letters and Brochures 500% More Effective – At No Extra Cost

When is the last time you rushed out to buy a newspaper or magazine to read all the ads in it? If you are like most people, probably never.

Most people don’t buy newspapers or magazine to read the ads. They buy them to read the stories, the editorial articles, don’t they? So why is it that all the advertisers try so hard to make their ads look like ads? Good question, isn’t it?

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no law that says your ads have to look like ads.

Countless studies have shown that…  If you make your newspaper or magazine ads look like editorial articles, you’ll increase their readership by at least 500%………….

and that’s the God’s honest truth.

To explain why that’s so, and why most people don’t use this type of advertising layout, let me take you back in time a little. The year is around 1904. The place is the Lord & Thomas Advertising Agency. (One of the best agencies of its time). A messenger brings a note to Mr Thomas. The note reads something like this …

“I am in the lobby downstairs. I can tell you what advertising is.  I know you don’t know. I want to tell you the answer. If you want to know what advertising is, send the messenger down to get me.”

John E. Kennedy

Another man in the room is Albert Lasker. He’s been searching for the answer to this question for over six and a half years. He sends the messenger boy downstairs to get the man who sent the note. A short thickset man in his 40’s enters the office. He leans towards Mr Thomas and Mr Lasker and whispers these words …

“Advertising is Salesmanship Multiplied by the Media.”

Yes, that’s it. All advertising is simply salesmanship multiplied by all the ads you place, the letters you send out and brochures you distribute. This is the secret very few business owners, and even fewer so-called marketing and advertising experts know and understand.

Your advertising, whether it’s Direct Mail, newspaper, radio, TV or anything else,

should only be judged by one rule ……….

How many sales it gets you and at what cost.

All your advertising must be measured. It must be monitored to give you undisputed evidence as to its success or failure. Let me ask you………….

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