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Dmitri’s Training Workshop Gives Tools to use Immediately

Cafe Owner Pleased with Training

Bharat – Cafe owner- recommends Dmitri’s interesting, practical techniques to any cafe business

Dmitri’s training gave him practical money making techniques to implement straight away.

Bharat – Cafe Owner



Trade Shows Are A Gold Mine Of Buyers

Trade Shows Are
A Gold Mine Of Buyers

This is a ‘hidden’ gem in selling. Trade shows can actually be one of the
most effective selling channels you can use, and this can be done in 2 ways.

Firstly, as an exhibitor where the attendees and prospective buyers visit
you, or secondly as an attendee where you look for new contacts, agents and
wholesalers amongst the exhibitors.

The reason why trade shows are so effective is simple . . . nowhere else can
you see so many owners and heads of companies under the one roof, easily
accessible to you and all the other participants, and you meet people face to
face, where otherwise you’d struggle for months to make contact within the
normal course of business.

I met the owners of several multi-million dollar businesses at the
‘Infomercial Conference’. I’d otherwise have had a hard time in contacting and
meeting them. There is a list of all the trade shows to be held in Australia each
year available from Australian Conference Diary on 042 262 662.
It is very important to follow up after a trade show and to keep following
up. If you don’t follow up, you will waste your time attending trade shows, as
research shows that it’s after the show when the bulk of the business is done.



Offer Your Product To Magazines, TV And Radio Stations On A Share Commission Basis

Offer Your
Product To Magazines, TV And
Radio Stations On A Share
Commission Basis

This is also known as ‘per inquiry advertising’. Basically what this means is
that these media promote your products at no up front cost to you. Instead they
receive a percentage of sales generated through their medium. While none of the
media will openly admit to doing these kind of deals . . . they will do it if your
offer is right. I have certainly sold quite a few of our products on this basis.
Once again, having proven ads to help sell your products will help you get this
sort of deal.



Resthome Business Owner Had A Revelation

Dmitri’s Training Made Everything I Knew Gel

What I knew before all became clearer after listening to Dmitri …

Rest Home Owner!…..




Dmitri Stern’s Workshop -Attendee Now Poised For Success

Focused on Improvement

On the Edge of Success now that she has 

more tools to work with.

Rest Home Owner!…..




Door To Door Sales Can Make You Rich

Door To Door
Sales Can Make You Rich

If your product is of a ‘home’ nature and can be demonstrated, this is a
great way to do it. Books, toys, vitamins, home care products, vacuum cleaners,
shoes, video hire/sales, electrical appliances and clothing can all be successfully
sold door-to-door. Often a new idea or product is best sold as a way of
educating the consumer.

The turnover of salespeople is high, with constant hiring and training, but if
you can put it together, this can be a very profitable way of doing business.