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“It Is Too Good To Be True, It Really Is Good and It’s True”

“I’ve Already Made $30,000 Before Training”

Paul wants to populate the beaches of the world by freeing up his time and helping others to free up theirs.

“I just have to sit back and wait for the cheques”

Paul Verheijden, Transmorphed from an Engineer to Entrepreneur from Victoria, Australia



Test Every Ad And Measure The Response (ROI)

Test every ad, sales letter or marketing campaign before betting your house (or your business future) on it.

Don’t be seduced by the media reps or the list brokers with promises of huge readerships and hot buyers lists.

Test everything on a small scale before you commit large amounts of money to it. What the large (and successful) companies always do is test a campaign in one region, city, suburb or newspaper first. If it works they expand it. If not, they change it until it does work.

This way even failures can make you rich. Because when the 8th test you run is a winner, you just keep on repeating it. And it more than makes up for the the first seven tests that did not work. Is that too much trouble? Not if you want to make money.


Target Top 10% Of Your Possible Customers

Where possible sell only to “players”. (People who want what you sell and have the money to afford it) It is far easier to make money by selling half as much but at double the price! We always advise most of our clients to increase their prices and improve their marketing and customer service. Rather than lower their prices and have no profit margin left for good marketing and customer service.

Usually this results in less work and more profit for the business. The “players” don’t really ask “how much” as they do “will it work and can I trust you” or “do I like dealing with this person and the business”.