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Creating A Sales Letter or Ad That Works

Creating A Sales
Letter or Ad That Works

There are a few things you must do before you sit down and create your
‘silent salesperson’, which is what a great sales letter is — a truly efficient and
loyal salesperson. One that never sleeps in, takes sick days or forgets to turn up
for work.

There are 3 steps you must take before you can start writing:

Step 1: Define the result you want from your letter. Is it an order or an
appointment for further follow up? Never try to do both. Either sell your
product or service or simply sell the reader on why they need to ask for more

Step 2: Define you target market. Who are your hottest prospects? Yes,
that’s right. Your existing customers, people who have already bought from you!
If you are spending money on any format advertising and you aren’t mailing your
existing customers . . . you are committing a crime against your profitability.
Your cheque book should be seized and impounded until you come to your

Listen to this story:

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How To Write A Sales Letter That Will Make You Rich


How To Write A
Sales Letter That Will Make You Rich

Firstly, you and I already know that your letter is like a salesperson. Therefore it
must sell something . . . and it must sell it well. The line of thought you should
follow is the same as you would use if you were describing your proposition to
someone face-to-face . . . so here’s what to do before you start writing.

Audio-tape yourself or your best sales people whilst making a sale or answering
a customer query about the business and its products.

Have these tapes transcribed and highlight all the great phrases, selling points,
reasons why and benefits the customer will get, and number them in order of

Next you pull out all the letters from your sample file which relate most closely
to what you are going to write about and the first thing you write is . . .
the Headline!

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There Is No Way Backwards, Only Stepping Forward From Here

“A Great Week of Shared Energy, Shared Motivation and Shared Knowledge”

Neville was excited to go home and utilise all he had learned.

“Its Been an Amazing Week at training”

Neville Bolton, Entrepreneur from Wellington, NZ