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Educational Marketing

Become a Teacher!

 One way of nurturing your clients is to teach them something.

We all love to learn something new and just because you know what you know, it doesn’t mean that your client does.  With the way technology is progressing, it is becoming easier and easier to educate your clients. There are Newsletters, Viral Marketing, Advertorials, Article Marketing, Videos, Seminars, Webinars, Free Reports that bombard us with new and exciting knowledge every day.

Share the love and send some of the interesting news to your Customers so they can be as wise as you are! Your clients will respect you more and see you as more knowledgeable and professional. Referring others can also be beneficial to you if you do a Joint Venture.

Another simple way to educate is to explain their account in detail to them, let them know what you have done and how you did it, show them around your office and introduce them to the team and what part they play in serving the customer. It will make them feel important and they will begin to feel like part of your company/family.


Invest In Yourself By Building Your Knowledge

In 27 Years as a Pharmacist, Michelle Had Never Given a Thought to Her ‘Exit Strategy’.

Business Owner says “You always learn something at a seminar”

Feedback from Pharmacist

Michelle Spiro, Professional Business Woman in Australia.



Don’t Wait…. Change Your Life For The Better Now

“The potential is here for the whole family to get involved with BBI”

Tina and her husband are glad they bought their License.

“My Husband has started to come alive”

Tina Chin, BBI Licensee in NSW Australia.



Fantastic and Informative – BBI Training

” Next Step is to Get Home and Start Doing It”

Kelly had a great weekend at the

Better Business Institute 3 Day Training

Feedback from Licensee who attended the BBI 3 Day Training

Kelly from Sydney Australia.