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Offer Your Product For Premiums To Other Businesses

Offer Your Product
For Premiums To Other Businesses

Teaming with other businesses, quite often what you sell can be used by them
to add value to their offers, to offer an extra service, or simply as an attention
grabber with their mailings. For example:

  • A dry cleaner could offer a clothes retailer a $20 voucher to include with

any suit or dress purchase.

  • A restaurant could offer a meal worth $100 for $20 to upmarket car

dealers, real estate agents, etc. to give as a gift to their clients to celebrate
their purchase/sale.

  • We have one of Australia’s major banks looking at buying 5,000 of our

marketing books to give to their small business clients when they take out
a new business loan.



The Training and Support Has Been Invaluable

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