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Invest In Yourself By Building Your Knowledge

In 27 Years as a Pharmacist, Michelle Had Never Given a Thought to Her ‘Exit Strategy’.

Business Owner says “You always learn something at a seminar”

Feedback from Pharmacist

Michelle Spiro, Professional Business Woman in Australia.



Don’t Wait…. Change Your Life For The Better Now

“The potential is here for the whole family to get involved with BBI”

Tina and her husband are glad they bought their License.

“My Husband has started to come alive”

Tina Chin, BBI Licensee in NSW Australia.



Fantastic and Informative – BBI Training

” Next Step is to Get Home and Start Doing It”

Kelly had a great weekend at the

Better Business Institute 3 Day Training

Feedback from Licensee who attended the BBI 3 Day Training

Kelly from Sydney Australia.



Use Testimonials In Your Ads To Improve Credibility

Client testimonials increase credibility – and sales.

Like a referral, a testimonial is a third party endorsement and therefore is much more believable. If you say something about your product or service it may sound like boasting. If someone else says it, it’s believable.

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Using ‘Multi-Selling Channels’ To Get New Customers

Using ‘Multi-Selling Channels’ To Get New Customers … Even If You Have Little Or No Money!

This is the best kept secret in the mail order industry.  If you are marketing products directly through TV infomercials (half hour commercials), newspaper ads and mail order . . . you will sell 8 times more again if you also get the buyers into your retail store.

In fact, the really switched on retailers and corporations (including banks), are jumping on the direct mail and direct response marketing bandwagon like hungry fleas jumping on a dog.  All hands on deck so to speak.  

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