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“Maximum Profit in Minimum Time” e-manual

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Marketing Bible For Small Business OwnersThis manual comes complete with 90 pages of successful advertisements and specific marketing strategies, which you can use immediately to generate windfall profit for your business, and even to increase your own personal income.
You can see the ad and strategy that generated this increase on page 57 of this new manual “How to make maximum profits in minimum time”. In fact his manual is full of practical examples any business can adapt and use with very little cost or effort.

Many profitable examples for you to model you’ll see how a local retailer generated over $15,000 extra in 2 days with a new approach to newspaper advertising. (See his ad on page 25 of this manual.)

Or the jeweler who took $143,000 in sales in less than 2 months with a direct mail campaign to his existing customers. His previous results, using his old techniques, were dismal. (You’ll find this letter and strategy on page 20 of this manual.) There are over 39 proven ad and letter examples for you to use . . . but that’s not all.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in this new marketing manual:

      • How to turn $200 into $16,000 in less than 14 days with effective ads. How to steal customers from your competitors using a little known direct response marketing technique.
      • How to get $15,000 worth of FREE advertising for your business each year.
      • 15 easy ways to keep your customers coming back – and spending their money with you.
      • The amazing secret of getting new customers for your business.
      • How to use cheap ads and listings and two-step marketing to make up to $10,000 a week in extra sales.
      • How to turn price shoppers into profitable sales – even if your prices are higher than your competitors.
      • How to make an extra $100,000 a year publishing your own newsletter.
      • How to market your products and services online.

The 7 deadly marketing mistakes, that 99% of beginners and 91% of experienced business owners make – and how to avoid them.

Plus over 35 examples of successful ads, letters and promotions you can apply in your business.
This manual is a great start for anyone serious about building their business, increasing their profits and enjoying the lifestyle that goes with it.

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“Magic rules of successful advertising” e-manual

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Best Advertising Principles and Examples For Small Business OwnersThis e-manual will show you many practical strategies to achieve better response on your advertising dollar. How to advertise at virtually zero cost and get as many responses as you can handle. The secret of successful direct response ads revealed in this manual.

Here’s one example:

Rule #3  Where possible sell only to “players”.  (People who want what you sell and have the money to afford it.)  It is far easier to make money by selling half as much but at double the price!!  I always advise most of my clients to increase their prices and improve their marketing and customer service.  Rather than lower their prices and have no profit margin left for good marketing and customer service.  Usually this results in less work and more profit for the business.  The “players” don’t really ask “how much” as they do “will it work and can I trust you” or “do I like dealing with this person and the business”.

Some of the most famous long – copy ads include . . .


  • 6,450 words for Merril Lynch Stockbrokers.  One insertion in the newspapers brought 10,000 responses from interested investors.
  • 5 pages of text for selling Schlitz beer.  Within a few months Schlitz beer went from fifth in sales to first.
  • 600 word ad for Puerto Rico by David Ogilvy got 14,000 readers to send in a coupon.  Dozens built factories in Puerto Rico as the result.
  • 800 word ad for Mercedes Benz headlined “You give up things when you buy the Mercedes Benz 230S.  Things like rattles, rust and shabby workmanship”   This ad increased sales from 10,000 cars a year to 40,000 a year in the U.S.A.
  • A copy-rich Yellow Pages ad got a $40,000 per month increase for the owner of a video repair shop the moment the Yellow Pages came out. 

 this info is GOLD if you are advertising your business

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“78 FREE and low cost ways to add at least $17,000 or 27% to your small business profits in the next 90 days” e-manual

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An Essential Marketing Guide To Results Oriented Marketing And Sales For Business OwnersIf you have no money to advertise, just started a business and don’t know how to get customers through the door – this manual will be absolutely invaluable for you.

This manual was designed as a guide to take even a complete novice to a level of know-how and business success that could make you up to a million dollars in your own business.

The best way to get wealthy is through your business, and the more you learn about the workings of a successful business, the better your chances of success!

No matter what business you are in, or what business you want to go in to, if you want to be successful you must learn some basic sales and marketing skills, as this could be the difference between success and failure.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this extremely valuable and easy to use manual:

  •     The 11 Steps to take you from zero cash to financial independence and personal freedom in less than 24 months.
  •     Four rules of business success.
  •     How to ensure your business success with the secret skill that could make you rich.
  •     17 amazing ways to nurture your existing customers and turn your new customers into lifetime advocates of your business.
  •     How to start a new business without capital, or raise cash to expand an existing business without borrowing a cent.
  •     Advanced “Street Smart”; selling techniques to close more sales than ever before.
  •     How to create new and better ways of growing your business.
  •     The 8 step formula for making profitable sales in your business.
  •     How to increase your sales by up to 30% in less than 3 minutes, and how to make an extra $100,000 profit this year.
  •     How to get all the sales you can handle and how to get them for FREE.

This manual is a “system of thinking” that will take you forward from wherever you are today to a whole new level of business know-how.

Enjoy the process of learning, sharpening your talents, and dramatically increasing your profitability and earning power, as you master the skills revealed in the chapters of this easy to follow manual!

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“8 Steps To Your Business Success”

(value $295.00)

Your Business Blue Print – The Mind Map that outlines the most important areas of your Marketing and Sales Efforts:

Dmitri Stern's Business Growth Mind MapThis mind map is in PDF format that you can expand and explore every node. Understand the basic concepts and apply them to your own business. It has ideas that are invaluable to any new or seasoned business operator. Including Tactical Monthly Marketing Plan schedule; Sales Processes Map; Best and Worse Advertising Mediums for your business, and many other memory joggers organised into easy to follow way – the way your brain thinks – the Mind Map!

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“How To Make Your Business Profitable In 60 Days Or Less”

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How To Make Your Business Profitable In 60 Days Or LessThe tools and materials you will learn here are simple, basic marketing and sales tools that are effective in getting BIG results for businesses like yours.

Marketing systems create the environment for you and your business to attract potential customers. When you have that contact, the sales process takes over to approach these buyers, make the deal and support the purchase of your product or service. Our goal of this training book is to provide you with simple but effective marketing and sales strategies that you can put in place.

Are you prepared to sell your business? If not, you should be. Or, stated differently, if you had to sell your business today, would you be able to sell it on your terms? In these perilous economic times, is your business a profitable, cash machine that someone would want to buy? The goal of every business owner or entrepreneur should be to sell the business at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you actually sell the business or not and whether the economy is in good shape or not are almost irrelevant. If
you can get your business to the point where you can sell it on your terms, then you have the ability to move on to the next opportunity or challenge if you want to.

Consistent hard work on your part, along with the right mindset and daily discipline, will help you achieve your goals with these tools. If you have an open mind, a real desire for success, and are prepared to work at it, the tools and materials we present will take you and your business to a level of success you’ve only dreamt of. (By the way, we’ll also show how to have more fun at the same time!)

Here’s the result from one of our clients who applied the practical strategies that you will discover in this book:

“ … for 7 months now. As a result of this input, the new account uptake went from 70-90 to 210-230 per month.
We’ve budgeted for $300K in turnover for this year, we are nearing $1M in sales. I have to expand the infrastructure
to service increased workload – we now have 6 vans on the roads and looking to add 2 more.”

Paul Griffith, S & R Electrical Company


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