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Use Testimonials In Your Ads To Improve Credibility

Client testimonials increase credibility – and sales.

Like a referral, a testimonial is a third party endorsement and therefore is much more believable. If you say something about your product or service it may sound like boasting. If someone else says it, it’s believable.

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Its A Wonderful Beginning…. I have Learnt So Much.

“I Feel So Proud That We Have Learnt So Much This Week, That We Have To Share It With Other Businesses”

Carl enjoyed his week of training and had fun with his peers learning to help others.

Feedback from New Licensee

Carl Lazo, from Spain, Business Consultant in Victoria, Australia.





If you’ve studied advertising at all, chances are that you’ve come across the
ever-popular procedure for writing ads: the AIDA procedure. Each letter in the
procedure stands for a key word:

            A = Attention: Get your prospect’s attention.
            I = Interest: Arouse your prospect’s interest.
            D = Desire: Intensify your prospect’s desire.
            A = Action: Get your prospect to take action.

In general this formula is useful and good. It’s been used successfully for
several decades and anything that’s lasted that long must work well. But, like
I’ve mentioned before, today’s buyers (whether business or consumer), are more
sophisticated, more suspicious, more skeptical and basically just plain not as
anxious to buy from just anyone, anymore. We’ve all been “taken” one too many

That being the case, we’ve got to let go of the old formulas for creating ads,
and come up with new, powerful, proven formulas for advertising success.