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Never Ever Run An Ad Without Monitoring The Response

Never Ever Run An Ad Without

Monitoring The Response

In other words, if it doesn’t sell your products get rid of it. 99% of ad
agencies, newspaper and radio reps hate the idea of monitoring. Their advice is
“repetition is the key to success!”
The only trouble is, they are referring to their success – not yours!
Since they get paid by the quantity of advertising you place, it’s not always in
their best interest to teach you how to halve the amount of advertising you do and
double the effectiveness.
And that’s exactly what is possible. Once you find an ad, sales pitch or
marketing strategy that works—keep doing it. Remember, the market place is
constantly changing. You may get tired of seeing the sames old ads but your new
and existing customers will not.
If it’s working—don’t change it! If your ad sold baby clothes to new mothers
this year, it’ll probably work just as well with new mothers next year!


Think Outside The Square – Look At Different Concepts

“It Doesn’t matter How Good A Salesman You Are If You Don’t Have Marketing Skills”

Business Owner Attended Dmitri Stern’s Business Marketing Workshop and now wants to take his already successful business to the Next Level!

Feedback from Seminar attendee

Barry Evans, Grocery Retailer in Bargo, Australia.