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Follow Up: After Each Sale/Service, Call Your Customer

Follow Up:
After Each Sale/Service, Call (or
have someone in your business
call) Your Customer

……………….and ask them if everything is fine. Are they happy with the service?

Then send a thank you letter one week later. Do these 2 things and your
customers will love you . . . and buy more from you!


BBI has a huge knowledge of marketing and databases

“I learnt a phenominal amount of knowledge from Dmitri”

“I was just a healthcare worker”

“I was lacking in confidence and now I find I am an exporter working with professionals”

Maureen Clarke – ihear



You Missed This Seminar, But Don’t Miss Out On The Next One

Kate was looking for something easy to understand

“It was simplistic and will be easy to implement the great ideas I gathered.  “


“I’m really looking forward to the workshop next Saturday”

Kate Harper – seminar attendee



Golden Rule #8


Test & Measure Me Please?


Golden Rule #8

Never ever run any advertisement without monitoring the response. In other words, if it doesn’t sell your products get rid of it. FAST!! 99% of ad agencies, newspaper and radio reps hate the idea of monitoring. Their advice is “Repetition is the key to success!!” The only trouble is, they are referring to …

Their success –  Not yours

Since they get paid by the quantity of advertising you place, it’s not always in their best interest to teach you how to halve the amount of advertising you do and double the effectiveness. And that’s exactly what is possible. Once you find an ad, sales pitch or marketing strategy that works – – keep doing it. Remember, the market place is constantly changing. You may get tired of seeing the same old ads but your new and existing customers will not. Remember, at least 100,000 new people are born each year in Australia and 100,000 (or so) die. If it’s working don’t change it!! If your ad sold baby clothes to new mothers this year, it’ll probably work just as well with new mothers next year!!


Infomercial Producers And Marketing Companies Can Make You Millions

Producers And Marketing
Companies Can Make You Millions

Although this is a relatively new medium in Australia, it’s going to be BIG. In
the USA there are many companies who specialise in using infomercials for selling
products on TV, and they are always looking for suitable products.

A ‘hot’ product marketed on TV via ‘direct response’ or ‘infomercial’ can
make you rich in 12 months or less. It’s mind boggling how quickly you can get
rich with this sort of marketing. And, best of all, the infomercials and direct
response TV ads stimulate retail demand. Which means that . . . up to 8 times
more sales happen in the stores as a direct result of consumers seeing the TV ads.

Need I say anymore?