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Create Your Own ‘Formula’ For Writing Great Copy

Create Your
Own ‘Formula’ For Writing Great

Anyone can learn how to write good ads and sales letters. There was a time
when I didn’t have a clue how to do it. It took me days and weeks to get just a 2
page letter drafted—the sort of letter that now takes me 30 minutes to write and
which sells five times as much. To write great ads and letters takes . . .practice,
practice, practice.

And how do you practice? Just do it, and keep doing it. Like everything you
ever try for the first time, it gets easier as you go along. Remember the first time
you rode a bike, went swimming, talked to your first customer, made the first
sale? I’ll bet you are a good deal better now than you were when you started. All
it took was practice.

But to be really great at something, you have to practice the right way. And
that’s exactly what I am going to teach you here . . .how to write great ads and
letter copy, even if you’ve never written an ad or sales letter in your life!

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