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How To Get Your Employees To Work Twice As Hard With No Increase In Pay?

How To Get Your
Employees To Work Twice As Hard
With No Increase In Pay?

More than 50 years ago Andrew Carnegie made approximately $600 million
from manufacturing and selling steel. Production then was calculated by the
number of loads of steel finished in an 8 hour shift. No matter what the shift
supervisor did, he couldn’t get more than 4 loads finished in an 8 hour shift.

Mr Carnegie heard this and instructed the supervisor to write a giant 4 on the
floor at the entrance of the factory and on the staff lunch and notice board. When
the night shift arrived they asked what the 4 was. When told it was the number of
loads the day shift did, they went to work and finished 5 loads that night and
crossed the 4 out and put a 5 over it, whilst at the same time kidding the day shifters that they beat them.

Well at the end of the next day shift the figure was 6.

The next day 7. The “war” was on.

A cleaning company used this technique to motivate their cleaners to clean
more offices in less time . . . by putting the number of bins cleaned per hour by each team of cleaners on the lunchtime board. Of course, if you have sales people, this kind of motivation is essential, and you can also apply it to other areas of your


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