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Golden Rule #3


Put Up Your Prices – Double it!

Golden Rule #3

Where possible sell only to “players”. (People who want what you sell and have the money to afford it) It is far easier to make money by selling half as much but at double the price!! I always advise most of my clients to increase their prices and improve their marketing and customer service. Rather than lower their prices and have no profit margin left for good marketing and customer service. Usually this results in less work and more profit for the business. The “players” don’t really ask “how much” as they do “will it work and can I trust you” or “do I like dealing with this person and the business”.


Appoint Sales Representatives, Agents And/Or Wholesalers To Sell Your Products

Appoint Sales
Representatives, Agents And/Or
Wholesalers To Sell Your Products

Many of these people are looking for proven products, especially if you supply the ads and letters they can use to market them.

Why is it imperative to supply tested ads and letters to help sell your
products? The reason I keep repeating this over and over is because it is vital in
ensuring your success when approaching these people. There is a world of
difference between approaching someone to sell your products and saying . . .

 “I have a product and I’d like you to sell it”

This is the way most manufacturers approach retailers.  In the case of a large supermarket chain,

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Dmitri’s Workshop Attendees Share Their Experience

Lots of Ideas to Implement

This Dynamic Duo took away the knowledge, handouts and the experience from Dmitri’s Workshop.


Very Excited!….. we are ready to put it into practice

Craig and Wendy