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If You Need To Get New Customers, Offer A FREE Sample

If You Need To
Get New Customers, The Best (And
Cheapest) Way Is Offer A FREE

FREE is a magic word! What I am saying is, take the money you would have
spent on fancy advertising and give it to your best prospective customers (the
players) in the form of a sample or trial of your product or service.

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Talk To Everyone You Meet

Talk To
Everyone You Meet

Ask everyone you meet to do business with you—and make them a great
incentive to do it.

A coffee shop can print “FREE Cup of Coffee” on their business cards and
give these to staff to distribute to others.


One Advert made $26,000 in 4 days

“All the building work had dried up on the Coast”

He put one advert in the paper that cost $360


Eddie got 7 jobs from one advert created the BBI way!

Eddie – Painting Contractor on Gold Coast



Test … Test … Test And Double Test Your Results

Test … Test …
Test And Double Test Your Results

Once you start to monitor what you are doing, you’ll be amazed at what a
difference a simple change in a headline (without changing the rest of your ad)
will bring. Or the way you greet a customer in a one-on-one situation, or who
you send your letters to. All these can impact on your results.

Often opinions differ as to whether or not something will work, and the only
sure way of knowing what your customers want is to put it to the test. Try all
versions and analyse the results. The very sophisticated companies will even pay
to have 2 different ads inserted into the same magazine or newspaper on the same

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Use ‘Advertorials’ To Increase Response By Up To 500%

‘Advertorials’ To Increase Response
By Up To 500%

Research clearly shows that ads that look like editorial articles get 500%
more readership than ads that obviously look like ads. People don’t buy magazines or newspapers to read the ads do they? Of course not! You, I and
everybody else, buy the papers, magazines or watch TV for the stories.

By making your ads informative and looking like the stories in the
publication, you’ll get more sales. When writing your ad, pretend you are the
editor of the magazine writing about your company or product.


Where Possible, Sell Only To “Players”

Where Possible,
Sell Only To “Players”

‘Players’ are people who want what you sell and can afford to pay for it. It is
far easier to make money by selling half as much but at double the price!

I always advise my clients to increase their prices and improve their marketing
and customer service, rather than lower their prices and have no profit margin left
for good marketing and customer service.

This results in less work and more profit for the business as the “players”
don’t really ask “How much?”, but rather “Will it work and can I trust you?” or

“Do I like dealing with this person and their business?”


70% Of Your Advertising Dollar Should Be Spent On Re-selling To Your Existing Customers

If You Have An
Established Business, 70% Of Your
Advertising Dollar Should Be Spent
On Re-selling Your Existing

 And yet I see most businesses spend thousands of
dollars in the media trying to get new customers – only to forget all about those
people who have already bought.

If you were to send out some thank you letters, call your customers and ask
them to buy again, you’d see an almost magic increase to your bottom line.This always works better then chasing new customers.

Even if you are going to run a full page ad in the newspaper, reproduce the
ad and send it to your existing clients and attach a note saying . . .

“I thought you may want to see this, come in the day before to get your best
pick of the bargains. Regards . . . .”


Easier To Sell To Your Existing Customers Than To A New Customer

It Is 5 Times
Easier To Sell To Your Existing
Customers Than To A New

The easiest way to re-sell your existing customers is by using the telephone or by sending them a letter. I’ve been accused of focusing too much on selling by direct mail . . . but it is by far the most efficient way for you to get more
business. Your past clients are a “hot” list. All you have to do is ask them to buy something else, and it doesn’t have to be your product either.

You can offer them someone elses products. Thus an accountant can offer financial services, a restaurant can send invites to a clothing sale and so on.


A free Lunch?

A free Lunch?

Is there really such a thing?

Invite Your “A Customer’s” to Regular Lunches

A great way to get to know your customers and to build rapport with them is to invite them to a luncheon.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair just invite 10 of your ‘A ’ customers at a time. Invite one of them to be a Guest Speaker and ask them to bring a friend. They will not only be very grateful to be invited, but you get a chance to schmooze their friends into doing business with you too. Take advantage of this situation to get New Customers.

Maybe invite the ‘ B’ customers at times too and they will soon step up and become your ‘A’ customers.

 After the luncheon, send them all a thank you letter with a special offer to the guest friends. Perhaps offer them a free consultation to get to know them better and discuss if their needs are being met by their present supplier or coach. You could say in your letter:

“Thank you very much for being our special guest at our regular VIP customers luncheon.  We at XYZ company love spoiling our customers and look for any excuse to get to know and understand them better.  If you feel you would like to be part of our XYZ family to join us regularly at our Free Lunches, please feel free to call John on 478  _ _ _ _ and make an appointment for a free consultation so we can get to know you and ascertain how best we can help and serve you.”


Always Test The 3 Most Important Elements

Always Test The
3 Most Important Elements Of Any
Marketing Campaign

a) The list (or who you target).
b) The headline of an ad, the opening statement of your letter, or the first
thing you say person-to-person over the phone.
c) The offer (or how you package what you are selling).

Recently I developed a new product promotion and tested 3 headlines. The
best one got 12 times as many orders as the worst one. I’ve listed them below.
See if you can pick the winner. The answer is at the end.

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