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Gift Vouchers For Special Customers

For Added Value to Win Your Existing Customers Over, Give Your Customers Vouchers to Enjoy at Other Places

Gift Vouchers don’t have to be from your own business, visit other businesses in your area  and make arrangements for your customers to receive special offers from them.

Make sure that you …

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Educational Marketing

Become a Teacher!

 One way of nurturing your clients is to teach them something.

We all love to learn something new and just because you know what you know, it doesn’t mean that your client does.  With the way technology is progressing, it is becoming easier and easier to educate your clients. There are Newsletters, Viral Marketing, Advertorials, Article Marketing, Videos, Seminars, Webinars, Free Reports that bombard us with new and exciting knowledge every day.

Share the love and send some of the interesting news to your Customers so they can be as wise as you are! Your clients will respect you more and see you as more knowledgeable and professional. Referring others can also be beneficial to you if you do a Joint Venture.

Another simple way to educate is to explain their account in detail to them, let them know what you have done and how you did it, show them around your office and introduce them to the team and what part they play in serving the customer. It will make them feel important and they will begin to feel like part of your company/family.


Customers Like Birthday Cards too!

Customers Have Birthdays too!

Show Your Customer You Care

Everybody loves to get a birthday present or treat so why not impress your Customers.  Send them something simple, a discount voucher to a restaurant or some movie tickets.  Try to get alongside the restaurant and talk to them about a joint venture.  If you are introducing someone to their business, maybe they could give you  “free meal” vouchers to give to your customer.

 Send them a note with the gift, something that says you have remembered their birthday like:

“A little bird told me it’s you birthday. To show you how special we think you are we have enclosed a special gift just for you”


FREE Press Releases Can Make You Thousands!

FREE Press Releases Can Make You Thousands!

Magazines and newspapers all over this country are hungry for news about products.  Every publication starts out with lots of blank pages and editors and journalists are looking for something new, something to fill those pages.

Press releases can help you sell your product in three ways:

1.    Direct to Consumer:  If your press release gets published by a consumer magazine or newspapers you will probably get orders from it.
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