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I Am Going To Go Home And Save Our Business

“Thanks For This Great Opportunity!”

Chris was keen to go home from boot camp and save his own business first, then get stuck in and help other businesses as well.

Feedback from BBI Boot Camp attendee

Chris Howey, Temuka, NZ





This is where you “take away” your prospect’s chance to get your product or
service. You may have heard of the “take-away close” which is used in selling.
It’s very effective. You present your case to the prospect and when he begins to
slobber so bad because he’s got to have what you’re selling, then you let him
know that there’s really not that many left — or, he’ll have to wait 6 weeks to get
it unless he orders today, or any number of other techniques for “taking away”
the benefits that he so badly desires.

In your ad or letter tell your prospect that what you’re selling:

  • is available only for a limited time;
  • is available at a discounted price for a limited time;
  • is available with all these free bonuses for a limited time;
  • was produced in small quantity . . . “We’ll be out of ‘em by the end of this week”;
  • there are only 15 seats available at the workshop;
  • there were only 150 copies printed, and if they want one they’d better act now, etc.

By creating scarcity, your prospect begins to think, “Gee, I’d better buy this
before it’s too late!”, which is exactly what you want them to think.

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