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Guarantee Your Way To Wealth

Guarantee Your
Way To Wealth

There is no doubt about it, guarantees work. Usually the stronger the
guarantee the more sales you’ll make, and the best form of guarantee is the 100%
unconditional money back guarantee. Let’s face it! You feel safe buying a product
if you know you can return it if it doesn’t do what it said it would do.

In the USA, a car manufacturer offered a 30-day money back on a new line of
cars. They broke all sales records. It’s a great tool especially if no one else is
offering it.

You do have to exercise business judgment and test. If your product doesn’t
deliver on its promises, you shouldn’t be selling it, and there are occasions when
you shouldn’t offer an unconditional money back guarantee. For example a
money back guarantee by an airline resulted in bunches of free-loaders nitpicking
to get a free flight.

In our own products we find that whilst we offer a 100% money-back with
most of our end user products, we cannot offer the same guarantee on some of the
“business opportunity” and “licence packages”. That’s because while a lot of
people want to have a business, not many are actually prepared to put in the work
and effort necessary to make it work. And when you are selling a business, even
the most profitable business can be destroyed in months if the new owner doesn’t
do what the previous owner did to make it a success.

So test what guarantees will do for your sales results.