Award And Reward Your Customer

How To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Customers By Awarding and Recognising Them – While Collecting Testimonials, Asking For Referrals And Selling More Of Your Product Or Services.

Everyone loves praise and told how well they are doing!  Why not send you Top Customers, your “A Customers” a Certificate for being the Top Customer.  Whether its the Top 10 or the Top 40, write up a Certificate for all your Top Customers and get them to come in for an Award Ceremony.  Roll out the Red Carpet, give them a glass of bubbles, (could be sparkling water) and take a photo of them receiving their award. You could give them Vouchers for purchasing more from you or make it a Joint Venture and give them vouchers with one of your JV Companies.


Then when you have the photos ask the Customer to write a testimonial on why their business has thrived since they have become your Customer. You can put the testimonial and the photo on the wall in the office for all the New Customers to view or put them on your Website for the World to see.

Your Top Customers will feel elated to become so ‘famous’ and may even tell all their friends how well they are treated and how well their business has done since dealing with you.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and just Lifetime Customers and More Customers to gain.


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