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Bulk Of Your Marketing Budget Has To Be Spent On Re-Selling To Your Existing Customers

If you have an established business 70% of your advertising dollars should be spent on re-selling to your existing customers. Why? See this post. And yet I see most businesses spend thousands of dollars in the media trying to get new business – only to forget all about those people after they buy.

If you were to send out some thank you letters instead, or call your customers and ask them to buy again, you’d see an almost magic increase to your bottom line. Done correctly, this always works better than chasing new customers. Listen, next time you are going to run a full page ad in the newspapers promoting a sale or whatever, try this. Reproduce the ad and send it to your existing clients. Attach a note saying.

“I thought you may want to see this, come in the day before to get your best pick of the bargains. Regards, Dmitri”

This will work wonders if your sale has a genuine appeal!!